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Abigail Kempson is a singer, no doubt about it, but she is also a composer, and her music reflects the years she has spent immersed in the world of song, opera, and choral works. Before she could speak, Abigail sang back lullabies to her mother, and as a child, she was surrounded by music in the home, especially with classical music and English folk songs sung by the whole family. At a young age, she joined the choir at the local church, where she sang hymns and anthems spanning across time, from 15th century chant to 21st century compositions and everything in between! Her musical training was thorough, taking both piano and voice lessons privately, and throughout all of it, she was singing her own tunes.

It wasn't until she began college that she started to write those tunes down. While earning her Bachelor of Music at Gettysburg College, Abigail studied music theory and composition with world-renown composer Dr. Avner Dorman. Under his guidance, she honed her skills, learning the craft of music composition. During her education there, Abigail's chamber music was performed by the Da Capo Quintet and Shuffle Concert, and her art songs were performed in several student recitals.

Abigail continued her compositional exploits out of college and into grad school. At Westminster Choir College, where she earned her Master of Music, she continued her studies with Benjamin Boyle and Christian Carey. Many of her art songs and choral works were sung by students and ensembles of the college, and featured in performances open to the public.

Since leaving school, she has devoted herself more to her craft, taking private commissions for chamber wedding music and collaborating with many local musicians to bring concerts of new music to the public. In 2016, her piece, "O! What a Day!" was featured in concert by Boston ensemble Calliope's Call. More recently, her art song cycle, "Love Poetry," for mezzo soprano and baritone, has been under development for its premier in May of 2018. She has also been working on her first opera, "Game Night," an epic comedy depicting a group of friends and their wild imaginations. She completed the libretto for the work in November of 2017, and the music is in the works.

Abigail's music is charmingly melodious, such that the audience always leaves the theater whistling the tunes! Her eclectic tastes in music gives her works a unique spin that combines classical, folk, and pop in new and exciting ways. Abigail is self published, and can provide scores, recordings, and commission quotes upon request.



Song of Parting


Works List

Song Cycles

Love Poetry
Mezzo Soprano, Baritone, Piano
Duration: 25 min
Texts by Emily Dickinson and Walt Whitman
The Bells
Soprano, Piano
Duration: 15 minutes
Texts by Edgar Allen Poe
Songs of Loss
Bass-Baritone, Piano
Duration: 11 minutes
Texts by Abigail Kempson and Percy Bysshe Shelley

Art Songs

The Truck
Soprano, Piano
Duration: 6 minutes
Text by Abigail Kempson
We Were Never Friends
Soprano or Mezzo Soprano, Piano
Duration: 2:20
Text by Abigail Kempson
Robert's Waltz
Soprano, Piano
Duration: 4:40
Text by Abigail Kempson
Soprano, Piano
Duration: 2:50
Text by Abigail Kempson
Night Fire
Soprano, Piano
Duration: 3:10
Text by Abigail Kempson

Choral Works

Funeral Prayer
5 or more voices acapella
Duration: 8 minutes
Text by Abigail Kempson
Song of Parting
Duration: 7:15
Text by Emily Kempson
The Summoning of Mamaronek (excerpt from upcoming opera Game Night)
Duration: 4:45
Text by Abigail Kempson

Chamber Music

Piano Quintet in A
Piano Quintet
Duration: 9:30
Zephyr on the Lea
Violin, Viola, Cello, Piano, Clarinet, Flute
Duration: 2:20 
Journey from Home
Violin, Clarinet, Oboe, Piano
Duration: 5:45

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