Engraving Services

Transforming your old and out-dated sheet music into elegant, legible copy
Is your audition copy covered in illegible  ornaments?
Do you have a poor edition filled with misaligned parts?
Is the piece an imslp file written in chicken scratch?

What is Engraving?

Engraving refers to the act of putting together a piece of sheet music, specifically arranging  notes, staves, text, etc. on the page in a way that is legible and pleasing to the eye. The size of the staves on the page, the spacing of notes, and the font for the staff attributes (clefs, time signatures, etc) are all elements of engraving. Good engraving is something that most people never think about, but bad engraving is definitely noticeable, especially if the notes are illegible or if the beats in a measure are misaligned between parts.

There can be many reasons why your music is giving you a headache. I myself have been in all of these situations, and each time found it helpful to make my own edition of the score; I would be happy to do the same for you.

My plating layouts are all neat, legible, and pleasing to the eye, and 100% accuracy guaranteed.


Piano & Vocal

  •  $1/mm with $20 minimum
  • 50-100 mm: $0.90/mm
  • >100 mm: $0.85/mm

Small Ensemble

  • <50mm: $1.50/mm with a $30 minimum
  • 50-100 mm: $1.40/mm
  • >100 mm: $1.35/mm

Full Orchestra

  • <50mm: $2.50/mm with a $50 minimum
  • 50-100 mm: $2.40/mm
  • >100 mm:  $2.35/mm
*mm = measures

How it Works

Send initial inquiries to me below. Once I have the manuscript in .pdf form I'll work my magic, putting together all the changes and additions you want in there. After the first draft is finished, I'll send you a .pdf and a midi sound file for your review, and you'll inform me of any changes or tweaks that need to be made for the final draft. Once you have your copy, you are free the print and perform it at your leisure.

All pieces must be in the public domain, or you must provide me with express written permission of the copyright holder. 

Once finished, you get to do whatever you like with the music - print it, play it, heck, go ahead and decoupage it! The only thing you can't do is sell it. I retain the copyright for all final and in progress engravings.

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